Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms – The Next Big Thing

Digital transformation has hit the businesses and the markets like a strong wave, transforming everything in the process. There are many businesses that are benefiting from this change and want to embrace it, in order to meet their organizational goals. Every business is now moving from traditional to digital, and having technological advancements as well as experts in the company, is an added advantage.

The word E-commerce, is something that is not new to any of us. It has been there from a long time, and is expected to play a huge role in organizational development. There are hundreds of ecommerce solution providers in the market. It all depends on you and your business requirement to select the one that matches you best.

When we talk about enterprise ecommerce platforms, Shopify would immediately click your mind. Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms nowadays, which has left behind many known names like Magento Enterprise, Weebly and more. With the increasing popularity of Shopify, it has been successful in expanding its business in around 175 countries world-wide, providing services to more than 600,000 businesses.

Shopify is not just a name, it delivers what it promises. It comes with various amazing features like 100+ amazing themes (paid, unpaid), it has a 24/7 helpline in order to support their customers and it also has apps and plug-ins. Furthermore, you can integrate Shopify with social media platforms like Facebook, which helps a lot in marketing your product/service and attracting a large number of potential customers.

Shopify is a hosted platform, which limits the plug-ins and apps present, for instance, if we compare it to Magento enterprise (a self-hosted and open-source software) it gives you complete control over the design features etc. and also comes with a large number of apps and plug-ins.

If we look at Shopify’s price, its cheapest plan will cost you $29 per month and its advanced plan costs you $299 per month. As we go up in the price range, the number of features accessible, increases.

Lastly, Shopify is famous for its simplicity and ease of use. You can set-up your account in just a few clicks. Therefore, users find Shopify as a very user-friendly platform that provides a lot of features and is not so complex. Many people are thinking to switch from other platforms to Shopify for this reason. Thus, choose your platform wisely.

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