Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms Comparison: Shopify Plus Vs. BigCommerce


Shopify and BigCommerce, both are powerful contenders in ecommerce industry. Apart from its robust features and reliable customer support, they also help you scale your business.

Enterprise solutions are important to grow. Few years back, you might have chosen the one that was affordable for your small venture, but since your business have outgrown, you might be looking for something made for high-volume enterprises.

How Shopify Plus and BigCommerce can help your growing enterprise?

Shopify plus boasts about its most prestigious clients including Bombas, Death Wish Coffee, and Leesa. Shopify plus offers enterprises with unlimited bandwidth, customer service, reliable uptime, and a dedicated merchant sales manager.

On the contrary, BigCommerce has its major clients too, like Toyota and Gibson. When you get features which convert browsers into buyers such as filtered search and one-page checkout, its definite your business is going to make more sales transactions with BC enterprise. In addition, Shopify Plus and BC Enterprise are more appropriate for companies that make over $1 million in revenue annually.

Let’s conduct an enterprise ecommerce platforms comparison by taking an in-depth look at their features.


Ecommerce solution’s pricing gets a bit tricky, since it varies from retailer to retailer. While Shopify plus starts their pricing at $2,000/month whereas BC Enterprise sounds more reasonable around $1,000/month. Remember, both of these pricing depends on size and demands of your enterprise.

Payment Processing

Both enterprise solutions works well with leading third-party processors. While Shopify plus links with over 100 payment gateways, BC Enterprise connects with just over 60.

BigCommerce plans make sure that merchants get lower rates. Similarly, Shopify plus offers their own payment gateway called as Shopify payments. Using Shopify payments, you can get lower transaction rates. But, if you choose other than Shopify payment gateway, you would pay more. So, here BigCommerce wins over Shopify plus.

Technical Support

When you choose Shopify plus over BigCommerce enterprise, one thing is guaranteed, and that’s fast reply to your queries and issues. Besides getting 24/7 support, a Merchant Success Manager is also available without additional charges. BC Enterprise also offers a strategic account manager, but available at extra expense only. This is why Shopify has an extra edge in this category.

Integrations & Add-Ons

The extensive range of Shopify edges out BigCommerce’s apps. Most of these Shopify add-ons are well-crafted and earning useful reviews from retailers.


Both are high-quality ecommerce platforms for merchants. However, Shopify is a tough one to beat. Pay attention to your personal preference and then decide.

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